They Are Surrounded By Something Terrifying That Is Bigger Than Their Small Fishing Boat (WARNING VIDEO CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

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A fisherman recorded a moment that became a viral video on Facebook. When the moment a hungry shark emerged from the sea to stalk him and perhaps intend to attack him brutally.

A man ended up with ‘goosebumps’ while recording a viral Facebook video of the terrifying appearance of a huge shark that emerged from the ocean to check him out and attack him at the least expected moment. The clip became a trend, especially in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

During a quiet afternoon of fishing off a beach in Australia, a young man and his friends noticed the abrupt presence of a gigantic white shark, which roamed around the area of their boat in search of some human carelessness that he could turn into its prey.

Terrifying Moment

The viral Facebook recording showed the brutal scene in which the friends saw the huge and unmistakable dorsal fin of black and white tips and realized the presence of a white shark. The shark was larger than the ship at 4.1 meters. The fishermen watched the giant animal as it surrounded them.

“Finally, I went to the back of the boat, where the engine was making us very uncomfortable. We realized that it was a bad idea to be near a shark bigger than my own boat, so we raised the anchor and left,” wrote the fisherman on Facebook.

According to the person in charge of the viral video of Facebook, he and his friends left at eight in the morning to the open sea to fish, without imagining that they would be the protagonists of a dramatic scene that went around the world.

“At 8:00 in the morning, my friend Ryan and I were on the maiden voyage of my ship and we anchored at a depth of five meters just 1.5 km from Pinnaroo Point, in Western Australia, to fish in a reef,” described the author of the video.

The viral video was shared on Facebook by the “Viral Hog” page, which accumulated more than 46 thousand views, 200 shares and 150 comments. “Unusual! Those men could be attacked by the fierce shark, ” the users wrote on social networks.

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Source: La Republica