They Are Record Having Sex on the Beach; Witnesses End Up Applauding Them

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The couple was not embarrassed to enjoy their intimate moment in front of several people.

On several occasions, love causes people to do any kind of crazy thing to show affection; However, a couple in Litoral, Argentina, went much further than that and chose to have sex on a beach full of people in broad daylight.

According to La Crónica, this unusual sexual encounter based on exhibitionism was captured by several witnesses who enjoyed the sand, the sun and the sea.

At a certain moment, a witness decided to record the intimate relationship of this couple with their cell phone. In the video you can see the man standing and the woman on top of him holding his neck and moaning very loudly.

Several witnesses applauded the courage of this couple for having relationships in public and instead of listening to the typical criticisms and accusations, they encouraged this man to “leave” his partner in the waves of the sea.

In the seconds that this video lasted, we can appreciate the way in which these playlists support and encourage the couple to surrender to their desires while the others performed songs and praises in the purest style of Argentine soccer.

At the end of the video it is appreciated that the lovers arrived at the ecstasy, because they were exhausted; that yes, at all times remained within the waves of the sea to avoid some embarrassing image.

It transpired that the couple was distressed with the people, because at all times they heard phrases like Give it to her champion! and to the end, man!

Source: lanetanoticias