They Are Playing A Deadly Game Of Hide And Seek (VIDEO)

The curious moment when some cunning ducks make fun of a ferocious tiger after its frustrated attempt to devour them has gone viral on the web.

Two ducks unleashed more than a laugh and has sparked mixed reactions among viewers, showing the moment when a ferocious tiger tries to eat them. 

A viral video shows the incredible feat of birds after realizing that a voracious tiger was lurking. 

As they show the images of the clip in the mentioned social network, a voracious tiger entered the pool of two ducklings to devour them; however, the two crazy birds ‘trolled’ their enemy.

When the predator went after the ducks, they hid in the water and then seconds later emerged at the other end of the small pool with the intention of getting rid of their ‘opponent’. The caretaker of the animals when noticing this curious fact did not hesitate to record it.



Source: La Republica