They Are Mesmerized By An Illuminating Creature That They Find In The Depths Of The Ocean (VIDEO)

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A viral video on YouTube surprised thousands of users, who saw the strange species that appeared in the depths of the sea.

You will be surprised. A creature that lit the depths of the sea has gone viral on YouTube because of its mysterious appearance. A group of researchers entered the ocean of Mexico to register the marvel of the sea and in full excursion managed to capture an impressive animal . Thousands of users from the United States, Spain and other countries have reacted to the publication.

This finding has been disseminated through the ‘Oceana’ account on the different platforms of the Internet, YouTube , Facebook and Instagram. It should be noted that, currently, the viral video has more than a million reactions.

What did you find? As you can appreciate in the video on YouTube a jellyfish in bright colours caught the attention of biologists who dived into the sea at dawn. When approaching the ‘ mysterious creature ‘, it left its true appearance.

According to the study, scientists from Mexico and the United States indicated: “There are more than 2,000 species of jellyfish identified and there are still many species that have not yet been found in the depths of the oceans.”

The jellyfish is an interesting creature of the sea; However, most people do not know much about their characteristics and the function they have. For this reason, the YouTube page ‘Oceana’, frequently, disseminates videos .


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