They Are Doing Flips Into The Ocean A Surprising Spectator Joins In On The Fun (VIDEO)

A video that shows the funny ‘show’ that a dog made by imitating the acrobatics practiced by its owners on a beach was made viral.

You will kill yourself with laughter. The dog imitated the pirouettes that two young girls practiced on the beaches of Mexico. Thousands of viewers laughed at this funny moment that the animal starred.

The father of the two athletic girls recorded the moment they made the jumps on the sand. Minutes later a Siberian dog appeared that was the mascot of the young.

No one imagined that the dog would imitate the acrobatics that the two girls, who appear in the video, performed on the shores of the ocean in  Mexico. They did not miss this hilarious blooper that starred the curious pup to spread it on social networks.

“That dog thought that doing cartwheels was easy”, “Poor guy took a tremendous blow hahahaha”, were some of the comments that viewers shared.


Source: la republica