They Are Considering Breeding A Dolphin And A Whale For The Most Amazing Sea Creature On The Planet [VIDEO]

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Simply amazing. A ‘balfin’ is a mysterious sea creature that has become ‘famous’ on YouTube, after it was known that it was born from the cross between a dolphin and a whale.

Difficult to see. They shared on YouTube one viral video that features a ‘Balfin’ (wolphin), a mysterious sea creature that has become ‘famous’ all over the world, because he was born of cross between a dolphin and whale. 

According to Xataka , the strange sea creature that surprised everyone on YouTube was captured by a group of oceanographers from the Cascadia Research Collective organization , who spotted the ‘ Balfin ‘ in Hawaiian waters and did not hesitate to photograph it, as this hybrid is very difficult to see.

The experts detailed that the ‘ balfin ‘ found swimming near the island of Kauaies, in Hawaii, United States , is a hybrid that was born from the mating of a narrow-snouted dolphin and a melon-headed whale .

According to the publication, while the experts were observing the herd of whales and dolphins swimming together in the Hawaiian waters , they noticed that one of the marine creatures had “characteristics of pigmentation and morphology that suggested that it could be a hybrid”.

Apparently, the mating would have occurred when a female whale separated from her herd and joined the group of dolphins, who usually swim very close to them, this fact surprised thousands on YouTube .

It is worth noting that this is not the first time a balfin has been captured. According to Xataka, in May 1985, a bottlenose dolphin and a black orca who lived in captivity in a pool at Sea Life Park in Hawaii had a calf named Kekaimalu .

We leave the viral video on YouTube that was recorded a few years ago and showing Kekaimalu in action. It is worth noting that, unlike other hybrids, the balfines can have offspring, although they live little.

If you want to see the images of the balin that was captured by the Cascadia Research Collective organization and that amazed everyone on YouTube, then do not hesitate to review our gallery, by sliding the main image to the left.


Source: La Republica