These Honduras Hamster Balls will Leave You Laughing Out Loud!

On December 11, 2018 in Roatan, Honduras, during a cruise on the Norwegian Getaway. Passenger who filmed the clip stated “We had docked at the island of Roatan, in the Western Caribbean. When I saw people trying to walk on water in giant balls, like people often put their pet hamsters in, I laughed out loud.” As did we all! This little clip of some girls attempting the famous giant hamster balls is ridiculous yet fun and delightful.

As you can imagine it is very hard to balance when your in a completely round sphere on water. The first girl could barely keep her stance for more than one Mississippi. When the second girl joins her, it’s the same thing. Both struggling to remain still and stand tall, it shows us how hard it must be to operate those crazy hamster balls.

At the same time, it makes for very good content to brighten up our morning with a little laugh at this funny activity!

Source: ViralHog