These Are Fish You Wouldn’t be Able to Catch With the Human Eye

Here we have a short video clip showing a few different species of fish who stay among the sand flats of the ocean. These rarely spotted fish seem to specialists at staying hidden and camouflaged. First we see the Bay Pipefish, which literally looks like a coral branch with a very skinny eel/snake type of body. A very different looking species that isn’t often talked about.

Second, we witness the Pacific Sanddab which looks like a master of blending in the ocean floor. It’s flat and spotted back makes for a very inconspicuous appearance when you are passing by quickly. You probably wouldn’t even notice it being there unless it had its eyes and fins opened up!

The third and final fish we get to see is by far the most sneaky and shocking species in this video. The California Halibut hides beneath the sand and pops out in a flash. Before you know it, its disappeared and all you’re left with is a dusty sand trail not knowing what you just witnessed. Even in the video clip, we barely catch a glimpse of it, just its tail.

A very interesting and educational video, teaching us about different species that many of us may have never even known about.


Source: LiveLeak