There Is Tons Of Gold Under The Sea

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Marine archeology and naval history agree that Spain has a submerged heritage of great value. It is speculated that the amount of gold is greater than that kept by the Bank of Spain.

here is documentation in the national historical archives of thousands of ships that served the imperial centuries of Spain. Since the discovery and conquest of America, a kind of maritime bridge was established between the colonies and the metropolis through which ships with tons of gold and silver sailed, with which the battered Hispanic farm was sustained, suffering from galloping insufficiency and inefficiency .

Many were prisoners of our enemies or of simple pirates who, although they failed in the pillage, sent them to the bottom and with them the formidable treasures that they kept in their cellars, besides, of course, of countless lives. It is said, and it is well said, that the sea retains in its deep spectacular booties with value today of millions of euros. The treasure hunter companies such as the sadly famous Odyssey trace the history of frustrated singles to seize booties that do not belong to them.

In times they tried to take advantage of legal gaps and the lack of administration that had other priorities or did not pay enough attention. Fortunately, that began to change significantly with the episode of the Spanish frigate “Our Lady of the Mercedes” and the lawsuit that the Spanish State won Odyssey in the American courts.

At present there is an increasingly advanced inventory of wrecks with their identification and probable location that currently contains more than 1,500. The Ministry of Culture, for example, has managed to document and map the 681 sunken ships in the Caribbean between 1492 and 1898, including Santa María and the Cortes, Pizarro or Núñez de Balboa naos. A whole treasure map. Obviously, it is certain that the figure can increase exponentially with the due progress of that search and the public commitment to support these complex works.

At this point, the National Plan for the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage, developed under the principles of the Unesco Convention of 2001, is a tool that physically and legally safeguards those findings that are an extraordinary legacy resulting from the sacrifice of thousands of our compatriots.

There Is Tons Of Gold Under The Sea


Source: La Razon


  1. Narendra singh August 3, 2019, 6:18 pm

    All the gold and treasures belong to the countries Spaniards, Europeans stole from. Truth and justice should prevail to return stolen treasures to countries it belong to.

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