There Are 26 Fatalities In A Sunken Fishing Boat In Honduras

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A lobster-fishing boat capsized off the Atlantic coast of Honduras killing 26 people.

The media announced that in Honduras, 75 miles from Cabo de Gracias a Dios the Captain Waly boat sank with 73 people on board, 26 crew members lost their lives. The spokesman of the Armed Forces Jose Domingo Meza has said that the 47 of 73 people on board were rescued and all the victims among the 26 people are men, they were divers and lobster fishermen. Most of them coming from the Honduran coastal town of Puerto Lempira.

The rescued were transferred to a military vessel of the Honduran Maritime Forces, the boat had a load of 70 tons and that was the second boat accident in a day. Meza recalled that many boats left on July 1 when the prawn hunting season began, another Miss Francelia boat sank at the first hours of the day and more than 40 people were rescued.

Richard Bonilla, president of the Caribbean Association of Industrial Fishermen of Honduras, said strong winds and rough seas caused the fatal shipwreck.

The maritime forces of Honduras have begun to investigate the boats, whose cause of sinking is still a mystery.

There Are 26 Fatalities In A Sunken Fishing Boat In Honduras


Source: trt Spanish