Their “Friend” Was Drowning When They Got The Attention of Two Teenagers to Save Him [VIDEO]

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This video will break your heart due to the dramatic scene that starred a group of stray dogs that managed to save their friend from drowning.

The dramatic story of a group of stray dogs that did not hesitate to move heaven and earth to save the life of their ‘friend’, who had fallen in a deep pool the night before, was unveiled. The scene has softened thousands of users in social networks.  

Since ancient times, dogs have been considered the “best friend” of man due to their admirable loyalty that they show day by day. Especially when they live in the street, the dogs have the habit of forming groups that have the peculiarity of protecting themselves from the dangers of the street. They look for food together and are willing to take care of newborn puppies.

The incursion of teenagers Trevor Costelloe and his friend in a desolate park was abruptly interfered with by the arrival of a group of stray dogs that began to stare at them and knew that within a few minutes the unimaginable would happen.

While they were walking through the park after heavy rains, the dogs appeared one by one to get the attention of Costolle and his friend. Between the two they looked at each other and assumed that the dogs wanted them to follow them, but he was afraid to walk inside in the park.

Arriving at the dramatic scene they saw that a dog was between life and death, since his body lay in a pool where little by little his body was losing strength. In the images  it is clearly seen when one of the stray dogs smelled it, trying to help to take it out to his ‘friend’ from the water, where he stayed for long hours.

The final touching brought out the intention of the young people to continue with their instincts and save the life of a dog.


Source: La Republica

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