Their Cries In Unison Sound Like An Epic Laser Battle From A Video Game When Heard (VIDEO)

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The unusual moment was videotaped by a well-known non-profit organization that is dedicated to the conservation of reptiles and caused a stir among users of social networks such as YouTube.

If the lion roars, the elephant sweeps, what is the sound of a crocodile called ? Although it seems like a lie, these reptiles cry and not precisely shedding their famous tears but a video that has gone viral on YouTube shows how a group of their young sounds in unison.

It is known that the crocodile baby, still crouched inside the egg, emits sounds through which he warns his mother that he is about to hatch, to which she reacts by looking for the eggs in the sand and digging them up, to help her out. But what do they mean when they are already outside?

Although crocodiles are almost always silent, they emit grunts and distress calls. In fact, they are the most vocalized reptiles in the world since they are believed to have more than 20 sounds to communicate with others of their kind and that is what the author of the YouTube viral video seems to have discovered.

In the material, shared on YouTube by the VITALY PETRUKHIN channel, the resemblance to the bursts of a laser gun that sounds the laments of a creature so tender and adorable is observed that over time it will grow to become one of the most feared and fierce of the animal kingdom .

The original video of the “serenade” of Cuban baby crocodiles was published by the Instagram account of The Dragonwood Wildlife Conservancy, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of endangered and critically endangered reptiles. He often shares content related to his work on social networks.

“Happy Friday the 13th of the full moon of the most crazy and epic harvest !!! To calm the spirits of such a terrifying and energetic day I will show you some smiling and very happy babies !!! They are not ordinary babies but some of our Cuban crocodile babies . From our litter from last year! ”, Reads in the video description.

“Our interaction is phenomenal and, indeed, amazing! They follow me and my hand wherever I am and simply want to be wherever I go! It is a great start to start a beautiful Friday the 13th! Have a wonderful day and weekend! Take care, heal, smile, laugh and love a lot! ”, The YouTube post ends .


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