The United States Navy Will Financially Support UFO Research

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The United States Navy reported that it will financially support the research conducted by the organization “To the Stars Academy” (TTSA) “on UFOs.

In that sense, the investigation originated after obtaining a series of images about metallic alloys never seen , coming from some point in space or recovered from “extraterrestrial technology”.

In this way, the organization, led by  Tom DeLonge, former guitarist of the rock group Blink-182, obtained confirmation from the Navy that the videos on objects of the 43-year-old American musician are UFOs, thus endorsing his “discoveries” , according to the ANSA agency.

This week, the United States Army signed a contract to invest $ 750,000 in the investigation of TTSA , an organization co-founded by former NASA and Department of Defense advisor Harold Puthoff, and former CIA agent Jim Semivan.

TTSA “will share its findings” with the Army Ground Vehicles Center that will provide the organization with laboratories, as well as other support and resources.

“At the Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center , we look forward to this partnership and possible future technical innovations,” said Joseph Cannon, of the United States Future Navy Command about the aforementioned investigation.

Also, a spokesman for the TTSA revealed to The New York Times, last September, that he “certainly” had obtained “samples of exotic UFO materials” , but without providing further details.

Prior to his participation in TTSA, DeLonge was recognized for being a member of the punk-rock band, Blink 182 . However, he left the band in 2015 and started the TTSA with the mission of advancing in the understanding of “extraterrestrial” phenomena and their technological implications, such as this initiated investigation in this regard.

Recently, DeLonge produced a program on the History channel called “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation,” and wrote an opinion article in Newsweek about why he thinks “aliens” exist.

United States Navy Will Financially Support UFO Research


  1. Dr Timothy Brigham October 30, 2019, 3:15 pm

    This article states coop with Navy. That is either breaking news or incorrect and should have referred to ARMY coop. Hoping author will address the confusion this created.

  2. Timothy R. Fricke October 30, 2019, 6:10 pm

    I think you have a typo in the heading of your story. It’s not the Navy that is partners with TTSA it’s the Army

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