The United States Deploys Bombers To The Middle East In Warning To Iran (VIDEO)

According to the United States, this move is a response to “a series of disturbing and offbeat warnings”. The United States is deploying an aircraft carrier attack group and an operational bomber force in the Middle East to send a clear message to Iran that any attacks against US interests. UU or its allies will face an “implacable force”.

Due to growing tensions between Washington and Tehran, the US National Security Advisor. The United States, John Bolton, said on Sunday that the deployment of the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier’s attack group in the US Central Command area. UU It was an answer “to a series of disturbing and progressive indications and warnings”.

“The United States is not seeking a war against the Iranian regime, but we are fully prepared to respond to any attack, whether by proxy, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, or regular Iranian forces.” said Bolton in a statement.

Gabriel Elizondo of Al Jazeera, reporting in Washington, DC, said the move was “unusual”. a “especially because of Bolton’s statement.”

There are more questions than answers in this brief statement. “It is not uncommon for carriers in the Middle East to act as a deterrent to Iran. The difference is that Bolton issues a statement specifying Iran – it’s almost a provocation.

“It’s unusual for the United States to do so when deploying major military assets like these. “Washington has announced it will end the exemptions granted to countries that buy Iranian oil in order to reduce Iran’s oil exports to zero, and blacklisted the guards of the Revolutionary Revolutionary Guards. In response, Iran has said it has mobilized all its resources to sell oil on a “gray market.”

Iran’s Deputy Minister of Petroleum, Amir Hossein Zamaninia, told the media on Sunday that Iran would continue to export oil in the sanctions imposed by the United States, which were neither just nor legitimate. “We have mobilized all the resources of the country and are selling oil on the” gray market, “Zamaninia told the official IRNA news agency. We will certainly not sell 2.5 million barrels a day as in the nuclear deal, “he said.” We will have to make serious decisions about our financial and economic management, and the government is working on it. ”

Trump’s efforts to impose political and economic isolation on Tehran began last year when it unilaterally withdrew from the nuclear deal, among other things, the world powers negotiated with Iran in 2015 Bolton, who led an increasingly aggressive US policy towards Iran, provided no further details, and Iranian forces and their representatives ordered the armed forces “in the region to discourage what was perceived as possible preparation that could indicate possible attacks on US forces in the region.


Source: Al Jazeera