The truth after supposed disembarkation of American troops in La Guajira.

Since the weekend, through social networks, a video has circulated that would give samples of a military deployment of the United States in La Guajira. According to Internet users who have shared the image, the transfer of troops and the overflight of helicopters on the border would be evidence of the preparations for a possible armed intervention by the United States. UU In Venezuela.



We took the time to verify this information. However, he found that the images correspond to a simulation of the Navy and Navy of the United States on the beach of Agua Dulce de Chorrillos, in Peru, and not in Colombia.




The event was recorded through photographs and videos on November 24, when the actions were advanced as a simulation of “rapid response to natural disasters.”

According to the newspaper El Comercio (Peru), as part of the exercise, the occurrence of an earthquake of 8.5 degrees with an epicenter 80 kilometers west of the city was simulated.

This type of false content has intensified in recent days in social networks, after Donald Trump declared that a military intervention in Venezuela was an option, and that the US security adviser, John Bolton, let see in his notebook an annotation that said “5,000 soldiers to Colombia” and that later Chancellor Holmes Trujillo denied saying they had not had conversations about it.

However, it is true that about 40 US Navy infantry troops are present in the upper La Guajira, but not to advance offensive exercises but in order to drill a well of drinking water in the region.