The Torrents In Spain, Full Of Plastics That The Next Rains Will Drag To The Sea (TRAGIC VIDEO)

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The Mallorca Blue platform has publicly denounced on Monday the alarming situation of the torrents of Palma. Ecologists have published a video that has been disseminated through their social networks, in which they stress that plastics will come out in the next heavy rains to the sea. In addition, they point to “deliberate spills (pirate workshops and construction), dirt from settlements, lack of cleanliness in polygons and torrents, lack of confinement in ships and riverbanks,” such as the culprits. 

The recording starts in the torrent of sa Riera, turned into a true dump by the incivism of many. Meanwhile, in the background, a Hawaiian version of the ” Somewhere, over the Rainbow ” sounds , the central theme of “The Wizard of Oz.”

A video that removes consciences 

Impressed of the little that the sea matters, despite having denounced in the Conselleria the dirt of the torrents of Palma more than a year ago, begins by pointing out the video before adding that demoralized because beaches are cleaned but it is not avoided that, year after year, plastic go out to the sea.

The depressing images follow one another while environmentalists recognize that “disappointed that the enormous concern for the sea is used for business marketing campaigns without effective actions” for later, already in the Na Bàrbara stream, to ensure that they are “sad, because they will come rains and plastics will go out to sea again. 

Several endangered species

The video follows some of the amazing marine species that inhabit our waters and are in danger of extinction such as the sperm whale, the Mediterranean blanket, the green turtle and the Balearic shearwater.

Then, remember the most serious effects for these species and underline the solutions to end up showing a turtle trapped in a plastic bag, like the one that was rescued not long ago in Calvià.


Source: Mallorca Confidencial