The Three Great Shipwrecks Of Our History

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Throughout history we have known numerous shipwrecks. Beyond the Titanic, the best known globally, many ships have shipwrecked. Below we have collected the three most relevant cases.

Essex Whaler

The Essex whaler was a large whaling ship led by George Pollard Jr. Only one year after leaving from Massachusetts to the South Pacific, a large sperm whale struck him. Herman Melville was inspired by this incident to write the novel Moby Dick.

Wrecked approximately 3,700 kilometers off the coast of South America. However, the vast majority of the crew managed to survive using lifeboats. That was how they arrived on Herderson Island , where the shortage of resources led to death. The only survivors were a crew member and Pollard himself.


The wreck of the Titanic has been the best known in history. In 1912 it was the largest ship ever manufactured, with a total of 11 decks and 269 meters long.

He was shipwrecked on his first trip from Southampton to New York due to an iceberg crash . More than 1,500 people died and the remains sank forever at the bottom of the North Atlantic. It was not until 1985 when they found the remains of the Titanic thanks to an expedition of the United States Navy.

RMS Lusitania

The RMS Lusitania was the largest ship worldwide until the manufacture of the Titanic. This ocean liner departed in May 1915. It was when he entered the waters of Ireland when a German submarine torpedoed him, believing he was carrying weapons.

The wreck occurred in less than 20 minutes and almost 1,200 people died. This was one of the great reasons why the United States actively participated in the First World War.

These are the great shipwrecks of history.

The Three Great Shipwrecks Of Our History

The Essex Whaler


Essex whaler

The Titanic


The Three Great Shipwrecks Of Our History

The RMS Lusitania


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