The Threat Of The Oil Tanker And The Contamination Of Beaches

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The amount of oil carried by a ship is enough to cause an environmental disaster.

The threat of the tanker dropping all cargo into the sea is real. It carries over 80,000 tons of crude, valued at $ 50 million. The amount of oil is enough to cause an unprecedented ecological disaster, with the contamination of water, beaches and the killing of animals of all kinds. Fishermen warn the government that they cannot survive without work and that no one buys fish suspected of being contaminated with oil. Neither fish nor mollusks. A professor at a local university warns of the danger of collecting oil in the sand of beaches without proper equipment. There may be contamination through the skin. Another remembers that even without apparent oil in the water, there may be a colorless, odorless substance, benzene, proven to be carcinogenic. Authorities are criticized for not taking immediate action,

The ship is destined for China. He is one of the suspects since the route he passes is congested with oil tankers entering empty supply ports and laden with oil. They are a real floating bomb and so far no international action has been taken to monitor and ensure that the cargo will arrive fully at its final destination. It can be dumped into the sea, according to technicians, by a breakdown in one of the huge tanks, an eviction to balance the ship for a miscalculation or even a pirate attack that hijacks the crew and spills the oil for various reasons. From politicians obtaining economic advantages through blackmail and threats. It may even be a terrorist act. Non-governmental organizations based in Europe and the United States already have a suspect, It is the government that does not monitor this trade route and little is dedicated to preserving the environment. Sea currents are responsible for spreading the oil throughout the region and no one is sure how far they can carry the product and the damage it causes.

The navy finely takes an initiative. He sent a ship to the region with soldiers trained to approach another ship and helicopter to carry the troop. The tankers’ crew disclaims any liability as it has hidden in a safe, armored and unattended room by anyone. It is a necessary safety device since ships are constant targets of pirate actions. This tactic has prevented at least four other ships from being caught by the bandits. It is estimated that 22 crew members are on the ship. The assault to free the tanker occurs with the troop invasion of the hijacked ship and there is exchange of fire. The Russian soldiers kill one, arrest all the others and release the crew. The prisoners will be taken to Moscow where they will face charges of piracy. Despite the presence of international forces, 20 foreign vessels and 400 crew are in the hands of Somali pirates, who infest the region’s trade routes. So far no one has imagined that they could pour oil into the sea to contaminate Yemen’s beaches.

The Threat Of The Oil Tanker And The Contamination Of Beaches



Source: Noticias R7