The Tender Moment When a Reporter Releases a Turtle in Live Television Is Ruined By An Unexpected Attack. [VIDEO]

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Television cameras recorded live the release of some baby turtles that a reporter had prepared for the program ‘Blue Planet Live’ of the BBC, but when the animals crawled to return to the sea, a mysterious bird appeared to ruin everything. 

According to the viral video that is circulating on Facebook , the presenter Liz Bonnin narrated to the viewers the story of an adult turtle and how she would free the babies from it, while a collaborator of the marine refuge looked at her carefully without giving her surroundings .

This was recorded on Heron Island, in Australia, and was broadcast live on Sunday night (local time), 

“There is an animal that has captured our hearts and our minds more than any other, it is the green sea turtle,” narrated reporter Liz Bonnin while six baby turtles were released into the ocean, but seconds later the unexpected occurred.

In the video you can see how a hungry seagull approached the scene and became the predator of these helpless turtles that had been born just a few hours ago. Coincidentally, the presenter of ‘Blue Planet Live’ explained that marine creatures would live like 100 years in the oceans if everything went well.

The moment in which the bird intervened to baby turtles and without hesitation took one in the beak to devour it. For its part, the reporter remained calm and the cameraman made a quick change of shot in the scene.


Source: La Republica