The Striking Images That Show How Kilos of Garbage Reach a Spanish Beach

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The archipelago of the Canary Islands constitutes a natural barrier against currents of the North Atlantic, reason why much of the dragged garbage finishes in its coasts.

A video that shows how kilos and kilos of plastic reach a beach on the Spanish island of Tenerife has been viralized on social networks. The images are striking: on the ground you can see small pieces of whitish color that are in their vast majority plastic dragged by the current.

Canarias, the archipelago to which Tenerife belongs, is located in the middle of the marine current that crosses the North Atlantic Ocean and acts as a kind of barrier , so that the waste that is washed away by the waters ends up on its beaches.

The images were recorded on March 24, the date on which a cleaning coordinated by an environmental organization had been scheduled. In them, the woman who records the video is heard, María Celma, who affirms that it is the first time that beach has been found in such a sorry state.

” You do not have to go to an Indonesian beach to get your eyes full of tears,” says the activist who, with this recording, aims to raise awareness that it is “essential to carry out an environmental project and go all to one.”

After the dissemination of the video by the Clean Ocean movement Tenerife, with whom Celma collaborates, more individual and collective initiatives have emerged  with the intention of going to the beaches and ending with the plastic layers that cover them.

The great environmental problem that implies the abundance of this waste in the seas has forced to take the first political measures. Thus, the European Union has recently banned the use of up to ten single-use plastic products , among which are glasses, plates and sticks, which will cease to be used after 2021.


Source: Actualidad RT