The Strangest Theories About the Bermuda Triangle.

In the mid-twentieth century, many magazines spoke of ships and planes that had disappeared, from UFOs to giant sea creatures, the following have been cited as causes

The Bermuda Triangle has by its own merits become one of the most emblematic places in the world. It has been the subject of films, books and dozens of documentaries. The theories about what really happens in this area range from black holes to UFO abductions.

The Bermuda Triangle is located between the Bermuda Islands, Puerto Rico and Miami. The points of each of these islands form the famous triangle and whose zone has an extension of one and a half million kilometers. The jump to fame of the area goes back to the mid-twentieth century, when several journalists brought to light numerous disappearances of ships and airplanes in that area, all of them most strange and catapulted the fame of the place.

Since this is one of the ideal areas for a quick trip from America to Europe, and vice versa, the mystery hanging over the Bermuda Triangle has led to theorizing about all sorts of events linked to disappearances. Meteorology, through human error or magnetic variations of the area are more plausible causes to understand what happens in the area, but of course, the mystery and legends are more attractive. One of the extended ones is the existence of an alien base in the same epicenter of the triangle. As if it were Area 51 itself, the purpose of this installation would be none other than to make use of boats and airplanes of all kinds to study the human being.

On the other hand, one of the most idealistic and perhaps pleasant legends is that the Bermuda Triangle itself is nothing more and nothing less than Atlantis. It was the Atlanteans themselves, inhabitants of Atlantis, who ended up burying the city due to the use of ‘fire crystals’, a technology that was extremely advanced at the time. The psychic Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) expressed that the misfortunes hovering over the Bermuda Triangle are precisely due to the fact that the aforementioned Atlantean crystals are still active.

It has not been a few times that in literature or cinema there has been talk of journeys to other universes through black holes. A theory more typical of science fiction and that, not a few, also expand to the Bermuda Triangle. However, the description of this legend makes waters, never better said, for one reason: black holes are capable of swallowing anything that enters their gravitational field, and therefore we would be talking not only about ships but also about the land and ocean itself. Mentioning the latter, the sea itself, the mythical giant creatures we have seen in films or read in books are not spared either. From the emblematic Kraken, a sea monster in the purest octopus style, to dragons.