The Ships Burning in the Black Sea Dangerously Tilted

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Dangerous lurch fixed on ships burning in the Black Sea near the Kerch Strait. This was reported in the press service of Rosmorrechflot.

“As of 12:00 Moscow time, there is a dangerous list on both vessels. On the ship “Kandy” it was 20 degrees to starboard, but remains stable. On the vessel “Maestro” – 35 degrees to the left side, but it is constantly growing, ”said the press service.

The fire on board the distressed foreign ships in the Black Sea in the Kerch Strait region continues, it is not possible to extinguish it.

Two ships, the Kandy and the Maestro, flying the flag of Tanzania, anchored in neutral waters, caught fire on Monday evening 15 nautical miles from Cape Takil (Crimea). The tankers carried liquefied gas, refuelled them in Temryuk (Krasnodar Territory). The fire, according to preliminary data, occurred during the transfer of fuel from side to side. According to the source “Interfax”, tankers worked with fuel on the “gray schemes.”

The Ships Burning in the Black Sea Dangerously Tilted

On the burning ships were 32 citizens of Turkey and India. According to the rescue services on Tuesday morning, 10 people died, 10 were missing, 12 people were saved. Of the dead identified two citizens of India. Among those rescued are eight Turkish citizens and two Indian citizens.

Russian investigators opened a criminal case after the death of people in the Black Sea.


Source: Maritime News of Russia