The Ship Blue Star Suffers Structural Damage

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The commission of investigation will take “at least” one year to determine the cause that caused the agglomeration of the chemical in the Ares estuary.

The ship ‘Blue Star’, which was raided at noon on Tuesday from the coast of Ares (A Coruña), suffers structural damage in the ballast tanks and has damaged the propeller, as reported on Wednesday by the Government delegate Javier Losada.

“Structural damage is observed, but not serious,” said Losada, based on the information obtained from the inspection that several technicians carry out to the hull of the ship that this Wednesday has been docked at 10.15 am at the Curuxeiras dock, in the inner port of Ferrol, after being transferred with the help of three tugboats from the Caneliñas dock, in the outer port of Ferrolano.

In the Ferrolano port, it is where they carry out the inspection work of the ship’s hull, and in which “structural damage” has been observed in the ballast tanks.

At a press conference, after meeting with Maritime Rescue and Maritime Captaincy in the Control Tower, Losada has indicated that in the underwater inspection carried out on the ship structural damage was detected in the ballast tacks and it was verified that “the propeller is damaged”.

“There is more damage by port than by starboard,” said the Government Delegate, who pointed out that cargo tanks are “intact.”

Once the damage is assessed, it will be when the shipowner will decide where the ship is moving for repair. Sources consulted by Europa Press have moved that among the shuffled options is a shipyard in Portugal, since its displacement by sea in principle should not represent a problem.

Commission of inquiry

Once the damage is assessed, it is time to begin analyzing what happened. The commission of investigation of maritime accidents will take “at least one year” to determine the causes of this maritime accident, as indicated by Losada, who, based on the first information, defends the performance of the ship’s captain: “He had to do”.

“There is a funding security protocol,” said Losada, who, upon questions from journalists, says it will be the technicians who will assess whether or not the use of funding is restricted in the area.

Finally, the Government delegate pointed out that the total expense of the rescue and refloating operation of the ship is not quantified at the moment. “Inventory of expenses is being made and the insurer will be informed,” he adds.

The Ship Blue Star Suffers Structural Damage


Source: El Espanol