The Red Lake In Cyprus Where A Serial Killer Left His Victims  (VIDEO)


Uploaded images of a lake in Cyprus showing a suitcase that would have contained a corpse.

Authorities are trying to recover three bodies from lake Kokkinopezoula, which a soldier would have thrown them after committing serial murders.

An American woman ‘Youtuber’ Sarah Funk published on her YouTube channel a  video recorded a year earlier on Lake Kokkinopezoula, known as ‘red lake’, near Mitsero (Nicosia, Cyprus). It shows a suitcase that could have contained a corpse related to the  case of the first serial killer in the history in that country.

In the recording it is observed how the companion of Funk, Luis Yanes, jumps a fence and they both descend to film the lake up close. Towards the end there are two shots showing an object similar to a half-submerged suitcase in the water, not far from the young woman.

“From things like these are made murder episodes,” says Yanes at the beginning of the video. “This feels like death, do you know what I mean?”, Funk is heard to say, who later added that  “you feel death in the air, it’s not very nice!”

The first serial killer of Cyprus

On Friday of last week, Nixos Metaxas, a soldier of the Cyprus Army of 35 years, became the first serial killer in Cyprus after  confessing that in a period of three years he killed five women and two girls. Six of his victims, some of whom he met through the Badoo dating website, were of Asian origin and another of Romania. The murdered adult women were domestic workers.

The man showed investigators the well where he had left one of the bodies near a shooting range located on the outskirts of the Cypriot capital, and told police he  threw the other three bodies Kokkinopezoula lake. Therefore, the authorities – who have not clarified if they used the recording of Funk in their investigation – are tracking that place, where last Saturday they found one of the dead bodies inside a suitcase. They also found three other bodies.

After knowing the news, on April 28, Funk published an entry in his blog with the video and photographs he took on his trip, assuring that this is all the information available on the case. “This is terrible and I am devastated by the families of the victims,” ​​reads the text, in which he adds that he saw nothing out of the ordinary , and details that what in his video seems to be a suitcase was a “trunk”.


Source: Actualidad RT