The Octopus Who Lived In A Plastic Cup On The Floor Of The Ocean Finds A New Home (VIDEO)

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Deep divers helped a small reticulated octopus that used a transparent plastic cup as a refuge to move to a better home. The video of his generous act went viral almost immediately on social networks like YouTube.

When Pall Sigurdsson and his friends headed for a deep-sea diving expedition in Indonesian waters last December, they had no idea they would end up starring in a viral YouTube video helping a small sea creature find a new home.

While exploring the ocean floor, Sigurdsson came across a tiny reticulated octopus (Amphioctopus marginatus) that had taken refuge inside a transparent plastic cup, one of the millions of waste that man throws into the sea.

And is that the container, instead of serving as protection, made the cephalopod an easy target for any predator in search of food, also becoming a potential risk if they came to ingest the plastic cup.

It was then that the team of free divers who recorded the video got down to work and spent the rest of their expedition looking for different shells in order to gently offer them to the octopus so they could “move” to the one they liked the most.

Although his intentions were good, time was a factor since his air supply was about to end but fortunately the cephalopod chose a shell that suited his needs.

Although the octopus is now safe, pollution of the oceans remains a serious problem since every year between 4.8 to 12.7 metric tons of plastic are thrown into the sea, which endanger the life of a large number of marine animals. 


Source: Trome