The New American Aircraft Carrier Curves At High Speed

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The United States Navy shared a video on its social networks of its new aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford performing high-speed curves, during tests conducted in the Atlantic Ocean.

The vessel, which is the first of a new generation class that will serve for 50 years as the centerpiece of the US defense, was tested between October 25 and 30, before returning to the Norfolk naval base .

According to Captain Ron Rutan, program manager for the USS Gerald R. Ford, the vessel is the first aircraft carrier in the last four decades with a new design . It is destined to become a testing device for the war technology needed in today’s world.

In addition, Rutan, highlighted that it is necessary to be patient in the stages of development of the USS Gerald R. Ford.

“It takes a little patience to give the Navy a vessel with the flexibility and resilience it will need over the next 50 years to quickly adapt to emerging threats in all maritime domains in support of the overall shipbuilding priorities of the Navy, “Rutan said.

The inclusion of this aircraft carrier in the US Navy was initially scheduled for September 2014, but was later postponed to September 2016.

His history has been plagued with cost overruns and problems. The powerful ship has been criticized for being too expensive at a time when anti-ship weapons are actively being developed by all rivals of the US Navy.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News