The Mystery of the Gigantic ‘Killer’ Waves Finally Revealed (Video)

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Researchers from the University of Oxford managed to find a scientific explanation for Draupner’s mysterious waves, colloquially known as ‘killers’.

The existence of these waves was confirmed for the first time in the North Sea in 1995 with the measurements made from the Draupner oil platform. These waves have an unexpectedly larger size than the rest of the ocean waves and often arise without warning.

In fact, the university reports , these killer waves are considered the probable cause of many maritime catastrophes of large ships.

In order to provide a scientific explanation, the experts proposed to reconstruct these waves under controlled conditions. In the end they managed to recreate them by crossing smaller waves at certain angles.

It was possible to create the Draupner waves only when groups of smaller waves crossed at an angle of approximately 120 degrees. According to the scientists, when the waves do not cross, they just end up breaking.

However, when they cross at a wide angle, their way of breaking changes and there is no longer a limit that determines the height that the wave can reach. According to the researchers, the study has a great importance.

Thanks to the new data, a greater understanding of the nature of the killer waves was obtained. Experts hope that new studies can create a way to predict their training.