The Mystery Of An “Underwater Anomaly” Similar To A Volcano Was Spotted On The East Coast Of The United States

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The YouTuber who shared the surprising discovery said it was inspired by the discovery of a new submarine volcano off the coast of Africa last week, which is believed to be behind a series of mysterious low-frequency earthquakes near the French island of Mayotte… Located between Mozambique and Madagascar.

MrlogB333 from YouTube vlogger, whose discoveries have always generated online conspiracy theories, has shared a video showing what appears to be a massive black object several miles off the coast of New Jersey in the United States.

The disconcerting images, taken on May 26, show a new “round feature” underwater that seems to have almost the same size as the entire state.

“I do not know what it is. At this time, I simply call it the Underwater Anomaly of the East Coast. […] I do not know what is happening. It could be, as far as I know, a digital copy. It seems that there is a change of depth … that reminds me of a chain of volcanoes that are two miles long and are very similar to what they discovered on the African coast, “he says, adding that the” round feature “has been there for a few weeks now.

The YouTuber analyzed the temperature of the sea in the region and said that its discovery could be similar to that made by a group of French researchers last week, who detected a new submarine volcano near the French island of Mayotte that could be related to an activity strange seismic that has sent ripples through the tropical island since 2018.

“There is an anomaly in the surface temperature of the sea in this area [off the coast of the USA. UU.] These things happen, they happen pretty fast, apparently, “he says.

The video has been viewed more than 88,770 times, after triggering a collapse of conspiracy theory-type comments: “Good observation! All signs point to a volcano …one user wrote, while others wrote: Just one more piece of evidence that they refuse to reveal. Anything unless by accident … Good catch! and “maybe it’s a sink hole under the water?”


Source: ES News-Front