The Mystery of a Sandless Beach in Ireland

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The  Dooagh beach, located in Achill Island (Ireland), had run out of sand after a storm in 1984, but last year made headlines internationally when it suddenly reappeared. Then, the area bathed by the Atlantic Ocean turned golden for the first time in 33 years, cheering local residents and attracting many tourists.

However, recently the beach has returned to attract attention after its sand was again dragged by the water. According to the Irish Independent newspaper , the storms made the sand disappear again, leaving the rocks of the coast exposed.

Seán Molloy, a local tourism specialist, explained to the media that the locals could see the beach gradually retreat to the sea until suddenly, almost overnight, it disappeared again.

“It was happening for the last four or five weeks,” Molloy said, adding that the process was caused by storms at Christmas time. “In recent days almost every grain of sand has been taken again,” the specialist said in mid-January.

According to the  Irish Post , the reappearance of the beach last April significantly increased tourism on the island: the number of visitors grew by 70%, and 79 part-time or full-time jobs were created in the area. However, Seán Molloy believes that his disappearance also offers a tourist attraction for people.


Source: Bohemia