The Most Unlikely Visitor Joined Them On The Beach Leaving Everyone In Awe (Amazing Video)

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A group of bathers, who recorded the viral video of Facebook, recorded the exact moment when a deer ‘walked’ up to everyone at Saugatuck Dunes State Park.

The most searched viral video of Facebook has a deer that entered a beach in the United States to ‘spend the summer’ with all bathers. The animal proved not to fear the humans that were enjoying a day at the beach in Michigan. The witnesses of the unusual scene approached the creature and had an incredible reaction. What did you do?

Hundreds of American bathers were shocked to notice the presence of a deer within the beaches . As shown in the viral video of Facebook, the deer was placed in the sea to wet their feet.

Immediately, the onlookers took out their telephone to register the moment. Apparently, the animal left the United States forest to take a good ‘dip’. What caught the attention of Facebook users was that the deer did not fear the bathers.

It should be noted that the viral video most seen in July has been shared by the ‘BBC’ on Facebook , Twitter and other social networks, where millions of Internet users, who are animal lovers , shared their comments.

“What a beautiful viral video , in fact, that bathers’ experience was marked forever”, “I would have taken a selfie with the deer to be a trend in social networks”, were some of the curious comments that citizens wrote.


Source: La Republica