The Most Secret Places In The Sea

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Next we are going to talk about some secret places that you cannot imagine exist:

The secret bunker to James Bond

Royal Air Force Men with Hill in North Yorkshire is a site that houses the largest electronic monitoring system on the planet. It was inaugurated by the British War Office in 1954 and its upper structure filled with white domes attracts attention.

The mystery not only includes the form of its construction but the work that its 1,200 employees perform; It is believed that this place has to do with Echelon, a worldwide network of spies.

The Most Secret Places In The Sea

The secret cave that could feed the whole world

The vault is located on a remote island between Norway and the North Pole and holds 250 million seeds to supply humanity.

The Most Secret Places In The Sea

It was created as a food supply for future generations who will face problems such as overpopulation and natural disasters generated by climate change.

Each stored seed is unique, its location was carefully chosen; It is more than 100 meters inside the mountain, well above sea level, in case the worst happens.

The Most Secret Places In The Sea

The Forbidden Island and the home of the Robinson royal family

The smallest island in Hawaii with a population of only 160 was purchased by Elizabeth Sinclair of Kingdowm of Hawaii in 1864 for only ten thousand dollars. His descendants, the Robinson family, inherited it and became private property ever since.

No one can enter the island, unless specifically invited by one of the residents, for which he received the nickname of The Forbidden Island .

Those who live there take their isolation very seriously, as they do not have paved roads, telephones, pipes, filtered water or shops. Hawaiian is their primary language and children are educated in a school that works with solar energy and are taught to ‘thrive on earth’.

A Navy facility provides work for the majority of the island’s population , in addition to living off the land.

Although there is still no tourist accommodation on the island, since 1992 hunting safaris have been carried out in which people can pay to hunt moose, serfs, buffalo, wild sheep and wild boar.

The Russian secret city

Mezhgorye is a completely closed city in the Republic of Bashkortostan in Russia. It was founded in 1979 and in the last census had a population of 17 thousand 353 people.

Very few photographs exist of the interior of its urban limits, but it is said that it houses a large underground installation, deep in the Ural Mountains.

Nobody knows the real size of this complex, but there are rumors that there could be more than 400 square miles and houses Russian objects and treasures, including a large amount of food and even a nuclear bunker .

The Most Secret Places In The Sea

The island of death

Unlike the Forbidden Island, where access is also restricted, on the northern Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal, you will not only get a ticket and you will be expelled, but you will probably find death.

The island is the home of sentinels, a tribe that often violently rejects any contact with the outside world.

The Most Secret Places In The Sea

In 2006, the inhabitants killed two fishermen when they tried to approach the coast. And at the end of last year, John Allen Chau, was killed when he tried to convert the aborigines to Christianity.

The Most Secret Places In The Sea

The ghost island of the ‘black death’

Tourists and locals can not visit the island of Poveglia, in northern Italy. The small plot of land between Venice and Lido was once used as a quarantine area for people suffering from the bubonic plague in 1348.

In the 1900s, the island was used as an asylum. The hospital opened its doors in 1922, but reports of widespread abuse and torture soon reached the mainland.

The Most Secret Places In The Sea

Now, it has a truly sinister reputation as one of the most haunted places on earth; There have been reports of ghostly apparitions .

The buildings are abandoned and in ruins, with nature reclaiming what was once its own. Now, the only tourists brave enough to visit are a handful.

The Most Secret Places In The Sea



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