The Moment A Diver Hypnotizes A 16 Foot Shark On The Ocean Floor (VIDEO)

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Leigh Cobb got the giant tiger shark in a trance in front of its peers in the depths of a beach in the Bahamas. The video was shared on YouTube.

In the crystal clear waters of Tiger Beach, a resort in The Bahamas, diver Leigh Cobb established herself as a true enchantress of sharks by hypnotizing a tiger shark, as seen in a Daily Mail video. This material was also shared in YouTube.

Hypnosis, called ‘tonic immobility’, was performed on a five-meter female specimen, nicknamed ‘Emma’. The amazing video was recorded by Ecuadorian photographer Christian Torres. 

In the YouTube viral, Cobb caresses the body of the predator before gently encouraging him to turn with his dorsal fin pointing to the sea floor. After that, he keeps one hand on the side of the shark and another on the head while continuing to move.

The shot also shows smaller sharks swimming around the diver’s knees. According to specialists, this type of hypnosis is a natural state of paralysis that certain animals have, in most cases when they encounter a threat.


Source: Trome

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