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Four naval attack groups with their aircraft carriers deployed in attack position.

In spite of the resounding failure of the Venezuelan right wing and its comparsas to complete Nicolás Maduro’s exit, “yes or yes”, on February 23, as they had announced, the military aggression under the pretext of “humanitarian aid” has not been discarded

Despite the dismal failure of the Venezuelan right and troupes to consummate the exit, “or yes” of Nicolas Maduro, on 23 February, as had been announced, the military aggression under the pretext of“humanitarian aid” has not been discarded.

Beyond the rhetoric of the main Trump administration officials , theUnited States continues to move in that direction. They have grouped an important part of their powerful maritime fleet in waters of theAtlantic and Pacific Oceans in order to initiate a militant aggression against Venezuela.

This was confirmed recently by the British journalist and military expert, Tom Rogan , of the Washington Examiner newspaper .

“An important naval and maritime presence of the United States is operating near Colombia and Venezuela. Whether by coincidence or not, these deployments provide the White House with a growing range of options, “ the communicator was quoted as saying by QuestionDigital .

According to the expert, to achieve this goal three “doors” of entry toVenezuela are conceived : the Caribbean , Colombia and Brazil .

In this scenario are inscribed the visits that in recent days made the head of the Southern Command , Admiral Craig Faller to Bogota ,Brasilia and Curacao , to coordinate the delivery of “humanitarian aid.”

To all this, according to the source, we would have to add the deployment of four Group of Attacks – with their Carrier (CSG) -that the Navy of the United States has ordered to carry out. 


One of these groups is located on the grounds of the Mayport naval base   in Jacksonville , Florida ; a second group is located at the Mayport naval base in Chalestton, North Carolina . A third group has been moved to the West Coast of the United States and the fourth to the island of Curaçao .

As is known, the US Navy has the support of Canada and the United Kingdom , states that have also contributed warships to this large deployment.

According to the British expert,  “CSG aircraft carriers have multiplatform capabilities to operate wherever and whenever required. In addition to a flexibility and sustainability to sustain large-scale wars and ensure control of the seas. “

In this sense, the consultants specializing in military affairs Stratfor and Southfront have reported that the group deployed in the Atlantic has already made cross-strait practices, necessary for its entry into the Caribbean Sea.


Source: Canarias-Semanal