The ‘Mercury Bomb’: a Nazi Submarine Threatens Russia in the Arctic

The spill of mercury that could take place in the Nazi submarine sunk near the Norwegian city of Bergen would annihilate all the Russian fishing in the Arctic, thinks the Russian ecologist Timoféi Surovtsev.

It is the submarine U-864, which since 1945 has been near the island of Fedje, about 150 meters deep. This submersible has 65 tons of mercury on board and it is believed that it could also have transported 2 tons of uranium oxide.

Today, this ‘mercury bomb’, as it is called by several scientists, is “capable of destroying the North Sea”, says the Norwegian environmentalist and member of the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association, Kurt Oddekalv.

To date, the Norwegian specialists considered two possible options to eliminate the danger: Plan A involved lifting the submarine from the bottom of the sea, while Plan B planned to install a sarcophagus, reports the Russian newspaper Izvestia .

Mercury Bomb

In the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association they criticized the decision to bury the debris of the submarine on the seabed. In the entity consider that the layers of the sarcophagus made of sand and stone do not eliminate the possibility of a mercury leak.

The head of the Projor ecological consultation and monitoring center, Timoféi Surovtsev, said during a press conference held in Moscow that Norway is a seismically dangerous region and can be shaken at any time. According to the ecologist, in this case there will be nothing left of the sarcophagus.

In addition, he pointed out that if the information about the presence of uranium on board the submersible is confirmed, this fact will suppose an incomparably greater danger.

“Apart from a contamination of human origin we will have a radiological contamination, which will last thousands of years,” he said.

The son of Kurt Oddekalv, who is also a member of the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association, reported that the project that the Norwegian authorities want to carry out with the U-864 will cost more than 51.7 million dollars. The price of plan A will reach more than 211 million dollars. However, the consequences of a possible accident will be much more expensive since it could be a global catastrophe.