The League of Extraordinary Octopi Inhabits the Rías Baixas

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Up to 10 kilos came to weigh the most striking octopus -A cephalopods is added a 30 kg line

This month of January is taking out specimens of a size out of the ordinary that inhabit the bottoms of the Rías Baixas. Octopi reach 10 kilos weight and una stripe bordered 30 kilos . The last ‘feat’ is the work of a Sevillian who, due to labor issues, passed the day of Kings in the Vigo estuary.

Javier Rodríguez, a diving enthusiast, still remembers the temperature of the sea: “The water was freezing and the Andalusians are not used to it”. This commercial manager of a distribution company captured an octopus of 7.6 kilos at 10 meters deep in Punta Balea. It was on January 6, “my gift from Reyes”, he explains excitedly: “It’s the biggest octopus I’ve ever caught.”

A line of 30 kilos

Another of those captures that one could keep forever in memory is the line of 30 kilos with which Elias Rodriguez took a pulse of half an hour. “It took me a lot of work to get it out, about 20-30 minutes, it was very strong and until I tired I did not get it,” he said. Shortly before, they captured an octopus weighing 5 kilos in the vicinity of Náutico de Vigo.

José Antonio Barreiro, a natural fisherman from Castrelo de Miño, signed a new “gesta” to get a cephalopod of 6.8 kilograms . It was in the area of ​​A Guide. It is a “piece of bug”, away from the usual in its species, “copies between 3 and 4 kilograms.” “It took me 20 minutes to get it out of the water,” he riveted excitedly.

The League of Extraordinary Octopi Inhabits the Rías Baixas

An octopus weighing 10 kilos

But, in a matter of octopus, the Antonio García Abilleira palm takes. Nothing more and nothing less than 10 kilos weighed the creature. And he caught it practicing spearfishing by lung. After about 15 years practicing this sport, the dam on Saturday was the record of this Pontevedra. “It was so big that when I saw it I thought it would be a sack or a bag, but when I got closer I saw that it was an octopus,” he explains. However, the capture, made in San Vicente do Mar at 10 meters deep, did not require “too much effort”. “It was an accurate shot with the harpoon, so I could get it to the surface.” When it was weighed, the balance marked “9,998 kilos, and that some parts of one of the tentacles were missing”.

A good establishment of the wealth of the Rías Baixas. Let the streak continue.


Source: Faro de Vigo