The Last Thing You Want To Encounter While Out Fishing Off Of A Boat In The Ocean (Terrifying Video)

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The encounter with the shark, of 900 kilos of weight, took place in full fishing competition near the coasts of the state New Jersey, in the USA.

A frightening white shark of more than 5 meters on Monday gave a scare death to a sports team of American fishermen about 48 kilometers off the coast of New Jersey, in the USA. To make matters worse, he stole the bait they were carrying on the ship, according to the local newspaper Asbury Park Press.

Jeff Crilly, the captain of the boat, and four friends were participating in a shark fishing tournament mako (common shortfin mako) when a specimen of this species came out of the water. SorpendiĆ³ to the five so much by its size (greater than half of the length of the boat) as by the strangeness of its presence in these waters.

The dramatic video was recorded by one of the fishermen 48 kilometers from the coast.

The shark reached the stern of the boat and took a bag of bait that the team had prepared for the mako sharks, which could be filmed by Crilly and his friends.

“We have caught a lot of fish for the sharks and we have never seen anything like that before, we were surprised at how big it was,” admitted the owner and captain of the boat, who estimated the shark’s weight at about 900 kilos.


Source: ActualidadRT