The Largest Nuclear-Powered Submarine In The World Participates In The Exercises Of The Russian Northern Fleet

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The world’s largest nuclear-powered submarine, Dmitry Donskoi, participated in the anti-submarine war drills of Russia’s Northern Fleet, the Fleet’s press office said on Thursday.

“As part of the planned combat training measures, the group of anti-submarine warships at the Belomorsk naval base conducted a tactical exercise in the White Sea to search for a submarine … In some stages of this exercise, the crew of the heavy nuclear “The propelled submarine cruiser Dmitry Donskoi acted as an adverse force for the naval anti-submarine attack group,” the press office said in a statement.

Under the simulation scenario, the small Onega and Naryan-Mar missile ships practiced the search, detection and tracking of an enemy notional submarine with the use of all available sonar systems, as well as antisubmarine maneuvers throughout of different courses and at different speeds and dodging the torpedo attack of a submarine, says the statement.

“The simulations culminated with a combat exercise to attack a simulated underwater target. The crews of each of the anti-submarine ships carried out deep bombings from RBU-6000 depth-loading launchers, “said the Fleet’s press office.

The crews of the small missile ships previously performed the assigned missions of protecting and defending a caravan of ships and also successfully practiced the use of weapons and electronic countermeasures against a simultaneous attack from the air and sea.

The Dmitry Donskoi is the first ship of the Akula Class of Project 941 that has been in service with the Northern Russian Fleet since 1981 and is also the world’s largest nuclear-powered submarine. The Russian Navy used the submarine for the first test launches of the Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile.

The Dmitry Donskoi was the first of the submarines carrying nuclear-powered missiles to participate in the Main Naval Parade of Russia in Kronstadt in 2017. To enter the naval parade, the submarine cruise with missiles made the first transit of the Russian Navy in A position emerged from Kola Bay to the Gulf of Finland through the Baltic Sea Strait and back.

The Largest Nuclear-Powered Submarine In The World Participates In The Exercises Of The Russian Northern Fleet


Source: ES News-FrontInfo