The Judge Leaves Los Charlines Out of the Shipment of 1,700 Kilos of Cocaine from the ‘Titan’

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It prosecutes 21 other alleged narcos for organizing the operation and imposes 59.2 million euros in bonds

Vigo’s fourth investigation court has closed the investigation that last August allowed the collision of the Panamanian tug Titán Tercero with 1,700 kilos of cocaine and the arrest of 30 alleged drug traffickers who collaborated in this operation. The instructor has left out of the process nine of those involved, including three members of the clan of Los Charlines, unable to prove their participation in the shipment of the shipment from South America to Galicia.

At the request of the anti-drug prosecutor Pablo Varela, the case will be filed regarding Manuel Charlín, 85, his son Melchor and his nephew José Benito who appeared in the investigation as involved in the preparations for a shipment of cocaine that was later frustrated by the lack of infrastructure and economic liquidity of the most veteran clan of Galician narcos for which they were relegated from the operation.

The entrepreneur of Cambados José Andrés Bóveda, alias Charly , was also left out of the judicial scheme , involved initially in the transport logistics of the group, as well as the brothers of Toledo Marcos and Enrique Echevarría, two strong entrepreneurs in the automotive sector . These were credited with contacts with the cocaine cartels in Colombia , allegedly linked to the Dutchman Paul Wouter, based in Marbella, who has been prosecuted as one of the alleged distributors of the drug.

In the car the judge prosecuted the historical narco Jacinto Santos Viñas, his wife and son Diego, who were part of the organization together with Mario Otero Díaz and his son Daniel, Víctor Manuel Pérez Santos, Luis Manuel Rodríguez Parada, José Antonio Álvarez Fontán , Rafael Díez and the owner of the Titan , the Andalusian Pedro Rodríguez Díaz. Serafin Pego, who put the fishing boat that was going to collect the cache, also appears in the list of defendants.

The indictment of investigating judge Juan Carlos Carballal confirms the existence of several interrelated organizations that acted as service companiesto introduce the cache of cocaine valued at 59.2 million euros aboard the tugboat Titan Third , of Panamanian flag, who was captured at sea, between Funchal and Azores, after loading the drug near French Guiana.

The Judge Leaves Los Charlines Out of the Shipment of 1,700 Kilos of Cocaine from the Titan

The historic narco-trafficker Manuel Charlín days after his arrest.

The judge reproduces in the document of 61 phone taps that are considered the main means of proof against the 21 accused, punctures that allowed the police to continue for almost a year the actors of this operation and the trail of the cocaine shipment for capture it The attempt of the narcos was frustrated when in full maneuver of approaching a fishing boat from Escarabote (A Coruña) to the mother ship to pick up the drug that later would be hoisted in several gliders to disembark it in the coasts of Galicia.

The instructor requires all the defendants in the car to lend jointly a bail of 59.2 million (the value of the stash) and thus ensure the pecuniary responsibilities that could be imposed for the trial, with the warning that if they do not lend, goods will be seized. He also places them for an investigatory statement on April 25.

Source: El Pais