The Israeli Navy Conducts A Comprehensive International Naval Maneuver In The Mediterranean (VIDEO)

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The military spokesman announced the conclusion of the international exercise led by the Israeli Navy, called “Powerful Waves.” During the maneuvers, the forces practiced a scenario that simulated a catastrophic earthquake in Israel.

A dozen foreign navies participated in the drill. The United States, France and Greece sent ships. While Cyprus, Chile, Italy, Germany, Canada, Great Britain and NATO dispatched marine delegations that took part in the exercise.

Under the drill, sailors practiced medical treatments, rescue operations on water and underwater, shooting at different ranks, and naval maneuvers and formations.

Several divisions of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) participated in the maneuvers, as well as the National Emergency Authority, Government Ministries, the Customs Administration, the Border Crossing Administration, the Population and Immigration Directorate, the Administration of Navigation and Ports and the Port of Haifa.

The exercise contributed to strengthening cooperation and mutual learning between the different navies regarding the rescue and sending of humanitarian aid.

The head of the Navy, General Eli Sharvit, said: “This past week, the Israeli Navy conducted a wide-ranging exercise, which had its expression in a significant naval operation. From our point of view, these exercises are of paramount importance to strengthen the relations of the Israeli Navy with foreign navies, with which we will eventually cooperate in different and varied events. ”


Source: Aurora-Israel