The Incredible Moment When Polar Opposites Become Friends

On this day, a huge whale shark let a lucky sailor pet it in this incredible video clip. Derin Goya, 31, was sailing ten miles out of Ewa Beach, Hawaii, when he experienced a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with the giant sea creature. For five minutes, the gigantic whale shark hung around his boat and even let the man pet him repeatedly.

Despite its size, the whale shark does not pose any danger to humans. Whale sharks are docile fish and sometimes allow swimmers to catch a ride, although this practice is discouraged by shark scientists because of the disturbance to the sharks.

Nonetheless, this clip is still very awesome and it shows the sweet nature of whale sharks, the largest known extant fish species. To enjoy the mesmerizing moment of this lucky man petting a huge whale shark, click the video down below!

Source: Liveleak & Catersnews