The incredible maneuver of a helpless dog to flee from a crocodile that tried to devour it [VIDEO].

An impressive viral video in which a dog is tempted by the jaws of a hungry crocodile during the flooding of his village was broadcast on YouTube.

Not only cats enjoy seven lives. An unheard of viral video posted on the YouTube online playback platform captured the unfortunate moment when a huge crocodile tried to take advantage of the flooding in the city of Gujarat, India, to hunt a helpless dog, which was trembling from the natural disaster. However, the villagers never imagined that the wild creature would leave its habitat to explore the city and unleash terror.

The YouTube viral recording showed the terrifying moment that a couple of dogs experienced when they came face to face with a hungry crocodile that was stalking them from afar to give an accurate blow and subdue their prey. The video was filmed in the city of Vadorara, after heavy rains caused the river Vishwamitri to overflow.

In the video shared on YouTube you can watch two dogs standing in the water as a crocodile sneaks up to them just below the surface. On the other hand, the owners of the dog are seen sheltering behind a metal door without making the greatest effort to save their pets from death. The clip became viral in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

Tragic Ending
After several seconds of tension, the ferocious crocodile swims imperceptibly to the side of one of the dogs and rushes with all his fury to his body. Immediately, in the YouTube clip you can hear the powerful click of the predator’s jaws as it attacks the dog, while the pet howls in pain.

Fortunately, the dog reacted quickly and was able to escape the powerful jaw of the reptile that threatened to tear it apart. However, the most curious thing about the scene is that the other dog at his side does not imitate the presence of the wild creature.

Once the problem was located, the city’s rescue workers managed to capture the crocodile and return it to its natural habitat. Faced with this, Prime Minister Vijay Rupani said during his briefing that there are two to three crocodiles venturing into the streets of the city and that teams from the state forestry department are working on it.

The viral video was shared on YouTube by the page “DeshGujarat”, which accumulated more than 62,000 views, more than 200 shared and dozens of comments. “Please, save the dogs first”, “the dogs must be on the other side of that railing”, wrote the users in the social networks.

Watch the YouTube viral video: