The Incredible Face-To-Face Between A Child And A Terrifying Sea Creature That Suddenly Emerged From The Water (VIDEO)

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The unexpected encounter between a child and a terrifying sea creature that suddenly emerged from the water. The event was recorded on video and went viral.

As you can see in the recording, everything starts when the young boy of the clip decides to approach the edge of the sea while wandering through a Port of  Valle Gran Rey, municipality located on the island of La Gomera in Spain.

After standing there for a short period of time near the water, he comes to realize the presence of a strange being of great dimensions. It would take a few minutes to know the identity of the curious creature. 

It was a large manta ray that came to interact with the child, they were both far from feeling scared, both the child and the animal showed to have a unique bond that allowed them to “play” as if he were a master with his pet.

It is possible to observe that, with all confidence, the boy offers him fish, food that the giant ray receives with all confidence. Also, the little one was encouraged to caress the friendly being, who seems to be quite used to receiving affection from humans. 

It is important to add that when these types of animals meet people, they rarely decide to attack them. 

The above is due to the fact that, in most cases, this response is caused by human imprudence, according to the Mantaray World portal.


Source: mag.elcomercio