The Incredible Escape From Certain Death by this Penguin Leaves Everybody Shocked

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The video, which kept us on edge, has already exceeded three million reproductions.

We expected a happy ending, although the video kept us clinging to the chair until the last second. They named him “Penguin Indiana Jones“, for his technique to escape danger at the exact moment , like the character in Steven Spielberg’s films.

The accident, surely, is another consequence of climate change. A huge piece of ice began to fall off . And a single penguin was left there, on the platform that was going to move him to death. Horrible!

Luckily, our hero never lost hope . He ran, ran, almost fell, but in the last second he succeeded: he escaped. The video, shared by UNILAD, already accumulates more than 3 million reproductions, 50 thousand RT and 90 thousand I like.

Many people, in addition, could not avoid commenting on the sensations that the incredible race of the animal generated against its almost inexorable fate.

Others, however, used it to reflect the problem of climate change on the planet .


Source: Tecno