The Impact Was Terrible And The Luxury $45 million Yacht Was Demolished (VIDEO)

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A luxury yacht valued at $ 45 million has escaped into the sea by a freighter and it is obviously a total loss

Times are hard for rich and famous people!

As we learned yesterday that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed ben Salmane, had disbursed $600 million for a painting that would be worth two million , another billionaire saw one of his investments “fall to the water” LITERALLY.

This is Pier Luigi Loro Piana.

This handsome man is the heir (too) of the fortune of his grandfather Pietro, who founded in 1924 the high-end clothing company Loro Piana.

Three years ago, Pier Luigi bought a small gift, the super-yacht My Song , which is apparently one of the most beautiful boats in the world. (Or rather, “was.” We will come back to it …)

The yacht My Song measure (“measured “) 130 feet and despite the fact that it weighs ( ” hung “) 105 tonnes, it is (“was “) capable of reaching a speed of 30 knots Water.

We can (“can“) see him at the start of all the most prestigious races in the world and he won, in 2017, the trophy for the best yacht of his size at the World Superyacht Awards .

Congratulations My Song!

But all that was before the night from Sunday to Monday.

While a storm was raging in the Balearic Sea, east of Spain, Mr. Loro Piana’s super yacht was transported aboard a huge cargo ship of 138 meters.

Indeed, after spending the winter in the Caribbean, the luxury ship was expected at the regatta of Porto Cervo, on the island of Sardinia in Italy, a race he won last year.

However, the base on which the yacht on the freighter deck rested (a pedestal that had been designed, manufactured, and guaranteed by the $45 million yacht manufacturer) suddenly collapsed, plunging the nautical stunt into the Mediterranean. .

The floating carcass drifted for a long time before being seen 40 nautical miles northeast of Menorca (Spain).

The firm responsible for transporting the yacht, Peters & May, subsequently issued a statement describing the circumstances of the incident.

According to the latter, efforts would still be underway to try to recover the boat.

However, many observers believe that these efforts are futile, the super-yacht being a total loss (much to the dismay of luxury water sports enthusiasts).

As for the handsome Mr. Loro Piana, we have not heard from him yet.

We will let the water run under the bridges before we throw in the water and contact him …


Source: Journal de Montreal