The Goblin Shark And Its Peculiar Appearance

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Among the marine specimens that arouse more curiosity is the so-called goblin shark. How is this curious animal and how is your life at sea?

In the depths of the water inhabits one of the rarest species of sharks known so far. It stands out for its long and prominent muzzle and its protruding jaws that resemble the nails. The goblin shark is one of the scariest sea creatures! Only rarely are they seen emerging from the deep waters in fishermen’s nets. His skin has a pale pink colour and his body is limp.

Characteristics and habitat of the goblin shark

This particular species of shark usually inhabits the deepest waters of the oceans, approximately 890 to 3150 feet below sea level, although evidence of even greater depths has been obtained. It is estimated that the longest specimens are at depths that exceed 4000 feet, while the youngest prefer to swim in areas not so deep.

Goblin sharks do not inhabit a specific area, but evidence has been obtained that they live in deep waters from all parts of the world, including all the oceans and coasts of many countries. Some places where they currently live are in the Gulf of Mexico and on the coasts of Brazil.

There is a great commercial interest when it comes to capturing this marine species , although this is not easy at all. Only a few times it has been accidentally captured by the drag of the waters. As for its reproduction, it is not known too much since a pregnant female has never been captured.

Their feeding

Although many would think that this species is a danger to humans, the truth is that this is not so. In inhabiting such deep waters, contact with the human being practically does not exist. A goblin shark can never bite your foot while swimming, since it will be thousands of kilometers lower than you.

The Goblin Shark And Its Peculiar Appearance

The diet of this particular species consists mainly of teleosts such as dragon fish, monkfish and many more. They can also eat certain crustaceans and cephalopods such as squid. It has been proven that they have a way of hunting based on the ambush. Its pink skin allows it to camouflage itself with the depths of the sea, and they also move so slowly that the dam sometimes does not even feel its presence.

Discovered in 1898, the goblin shark is one of the scariest species ever discovered in the waters . From the beginning it aroused great interest, not only in the world of science but in the general public, due to its peculiar characteristics.

The Goblin Shark And Its Peculiar Appearance


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