The Galician Rower That Continued Rowing Even Without A Paddle

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She did not want to break the pace of her boat mates and, thanks to her in sync gesture, she managed to help get her team to take the victory.

When an athlete gets involved with his team he does so until the last consequences. That is why it is so important to instill in children the restlessness of exercise and encourage them to play in team sports, in which they must always help their teammates. Now, a Galician rower has given the best example of what that means.

Her name is Sandra Piñeiro and, although she is from Galicia, she moved to Orio, in Guipúzcoa, to be able to reach the top of her sport, rowing. Last weekend she played a test with her companions, but lost her paddle during a maneuver. However, she did not want that to harm the rest of the team.

Although she could not help rowing, she could do it while maintaining the dynamic, so that her companions did not lose their rhythm. And so she did: as you can see in the videos that have been uploaded to social networks, Sandra kept up the pace and made exactly the same movements she would have done if she continued rowing.

Her performance was decisive for her team to achieve victory. As published by La Voz de Galicia, Orio achieved the victory and has increased the advantage she held in the leadership of the trawler competition. Sandra’s companions congratulated her at the end of the test and all were able to celebrate together the triumph, never better, of the whole team.


Source: El Confidencial