The Fossil Of A Dinosaur Egg Turns Out To Be An Incredibly Rare Adorable Creature [VIDEO]

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They never suspected it. Everyone on Facebook thought they had found the fossil of an ‘egg of a dinosaur’; However, the truth was learned.

No one imagined it. Thanks to Facebook we learned the story of a group of friends in Argentina , who went fishing a stream and accidentally found what they believed was a ‘ egg of dinosaur ‘ fossil. Experts analyzed the discovery made by these young people and ended up amazed, since it was a very rare creature. The images of the singular ‘ discovery ‘ became a trend in social networks , especially in Mexico, Canada, the United States, and thousands of citizens ended up speechless when they saw them. Have you seen them yet? Here you will find them.

According to Upsocl, this finding that went viral on Facebook occurred in the town of Ezeiza, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and called everyone’s attention on social networks, because it was initially believed to be fossilized remains of a dinosaur egg ; However, then the truth was learned.

According to the publication, the young people had found the ‘ dinosaur egg ‘ some time ago, when they went fishing, however, they decided to shut up, because they thought it might have value.

“We were fishing and we reached in and there was the hole. I had been hiding it two years ago and today I showed it to the boys, ”commented Imanol Ojeda, as can be seen in the video that went viral on Facebook .

The images of the supposed ‘dinosaur egg’ that Imanol Ojeda’s friend recorded became a trend in social networks , especially Facebook , and there the whirlwind began, as he arrived on television and made national news.

The experts arrived at the place and effectively revealed that it was a fossil, but not of a ‘ dinosaur egg ‘, but that it was the shell of a glyptodon , a strange extinct creature that is related to the armadillo .

Thousands on Facebook were surprised, after learning that the shell of the ‘prehistoric armadillo’ would be about 10 thousand years old and is in a ‘unique state’, because it has preserved its integrity.

If you want to know more details about this case that went viral on Facebook and other social networks , watch the following video…


Source: La Republica