The First Images Of The Remains Of The ‘Cannibal Wreck’ Of HMS Terror, One Of The Greatest Mysteries Of The Sea

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A team from Parks Canada has obtained the first images of the wreckage, which had not been seen since 1845.

A team of archaeologists at Parks Canada, the state agency that responds to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, has conducted an exploration in the depths of the Canadian Arctic in order to find the wrecks of the HMS Terror , one of the lost ships from the expedition of Sir John Franklin in 1845.

According to ‘ National Geographic ‘, they made a series of seven dives in which divers managed to find the wreck and take a few photographs and videos , the first since their disappearance.

“We were able to explore 20 rooms and compartments, going from one room to another,” says Ryan Harris, lead archaeologist for the project. “The ship is incredibly intact. You look at it and find it hard to believe that it is a 170-year-old shipwreck,” he adds.

In addition, they found a completely “disturbing” picture, since the glasses and plates were in place and the beds, desks and scientific instruments were still in order . Researchers believe that dozens of documents such as diaries or graphics could be found between layers of sediment.

The only place they could not enter with the ROV (a vehicle that is controlled by an operator who is not in the vehicle) went to the captain’s bedroom , which was locked.

One of the great mysteries of the sea

The history of HMS Terror and its ‘cannibal wreck’ could put anyone’s hair on end , and that is one of the most spooky mysteries in history.

In 1845, John Franklin set off with two ships in search of the famous Northwest Passage, a seaway that allowed North America to be surrounded by the north and shorten the trip from Europe to the Pacific Ocean.

However, the trail of the ships was lost , and only remains of the ships and skeletons had been found some time later. Along with it, there was also evidence that they could have resorted to cannibalism.


Source: la sexta