The F-102 and F-105 Frigates Operate with the British Royal Navy

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The works in the Patrol boat of height Atalaya and the Cantabria start an amphibious exercise in Cádiz

The frigates based in Ferrol Cristóbal Colón (F-105) and Admiral Juan de Borbón (F-102) left Glasgow to begin the Joint Warrior 191 exercise, coordinated by the British Royal Navy.

The multinational training will take place until April 11 and is part of an exercise program conducted by land forces, air forces, warships and submarines in Scottish waters.

The two Spanish ships of the F-100 class will now operate alongside British, German, French, Belgian, Danish, American, Irish, Turkish, Polish and Norwegian units. The objective of the maneuvers is “to provide scenarios with aerial, submarine and realistic surface threat, where to carry out advanced collective trainings that allow working in multinational groups in the future”.

In Cadiz

Another unit based in the Military Arsenal, the logistics vessel BAC Cantabria (A-15) , also went out to sea in the framework of the amphibious exercise of the Navy GRUFLEX-19, in the waters of Cádiz.

The Cantabria sailed from Ferrol on March 26 to the Rota naval base, from where the training is coordinated. His assignment in the maneuvers is to provide material and fuel to the Force. In fact, he already put his capabilities to the test with a vertical provisioning exercise with the 3rd Aircraft Squadron.

The GRUFLEX-19 runs until April 5 in the waters of the Bay of Huelva, in the firing range of Médano del Loro, the Gulf of Cádiz, the aforementioned base of Rota and the training field of the Sierra del Retín.

There are more than 1,450 troops mobilized from the three armies, with three ships, twelve aircraft and 78 vehicles.

According to the Navy, this exercise “serves the units to periodically train in amphibious operations; to maintain the projection capacity of a force on land from the sea; operations of humanitarian aid and response in crisis situations.

Once the maneuvers are completed, in the transit back to Ferrol, the Cantabria will transport diverse material from the naval base of Rota to the Ferrolan Arsenal, where it is expected to return on April 8. It will thus facilitate the exchange of material between these two Navy headquarters.

The F-102 and F-105 Frigates Operate with the British Royal Navy

The Watchtower, in tests

The patrol boat of Atalaya height (P-74) finally faces its return to activity after several months of work in the local shipyards of  Navantia .

Yesterday he was subjected to some tests to check the status of the propulsive and electric plant, so that he is in optimal conditions to face his future commitments.

The fourth and last ship of the Serviola class, the construction of the Atalaya began in December 1989 in the old Bazán de Ferrol and was delivered to the Navy on June 29, 1992.

It is based in the naval station of A Graña and operates directly under the orders of the Head of the Maritime Action Command of Ferrol.


Source: la voz de galicia