The EU Has Not Yet Commented on the New Sanctions on the Kerch Incident

Official sources in the EU are not ready to comment on media reports that EU sanctions have been agreed against Russians in connection with the “Kerch incident,” an official at EU institutions said in Brussels on Friday.

“I can repeat to you what has already been reported to journalists in Brussels today: we do not expect sanctions per se at the EU Council on February 18 in the sense of their legal approval. But the process of working on them is underway, and they are really getting ready, ”said the agency’s source.

“But I can’t confirm your agreement on this decision now. If it really happened, then I assume that the foreign ministers will politically announce the imposition of these sanctions on Monday. The legal decision is likely to follow later, ”the EU official said.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported citing a source that the EU had agreed on restrictive measures against eight Russian citizens because of the incident in the Sea of ​​Azov.

The report notes that the issue was agreed at the level of technical specialists At the EU Council at the level of foreign ministers on February 18, sanctions may not be announced, since by this time in Brussels they probably will not have time to complete the preparatory work on legal and technical issues.

However, according to the source, there are no Russian companies on the sanctions list.

Source: Interfax